ICCF Congress 2022

Scottish Correspondence Chess Association

Glasgow, Scotland, 14th - 18th August 2022

Only 42 days left until the opening of Congress!

Deadlines to Congress

Congress DocumentsMarch 1, 2022Congress invitations and programme are distributed.
Proposal Submission Window OpensMarch 1, 2022Congress proposal submissions (by ICCF Officials and Delegates) opens.
Hotel ReservationsMay 8, 2022Note that the hotel deadline is earlier than the absolute Congress deadline (1st July).  Participants may register between 8th May and 1st July, however the accommodation option at the Hilton on the registration form will be unavailable after this date, although Delegates will be able to contact the Hilton directly to ascertain if any accommodation is still available and at what cost.
MedalsMay 15, 2022Deadline for identifying officials responsible for collecting medals/certificates of players/teams.
Proposal Submission Window ClosesJune 21, 2022All proposals to be considered for the 2020 Congress voting must be submitted to the General Secretary (via the online system) by either a National Delegate or ICCF Official.
MedalsJuly 1, 2022Deadline for medal eligibility for the 2020 Congress.
Delegate and delegate designee selections dueJuly 1, 2022

All Delegates, Honorary Presidents, and Honorary Members must register as Congress voting members with the ICCF General Secretary.  No voting member will be accepted after this deadline.

Congress registration closes, places will be locked in and no further seats in the Congress hall will be allocated after this date.  If not registered by this date, attendees will be required to (a) arrange their own accommodations, (b) pay separately for attendance at the welcome party, excursion, and closing banquet.

Online voting for proposals beginsJuly 6, 2022Delegates may now submit online votes for approved proposals.
Voting Member Distribution

July 20, 2022


The ICCF General Secretary will distribute to the Member Federation delegates the list of voting members attending Congress.
Online voting for Proposals end.July 28, 2022

Note, according to ICCF Statutes, Article 16, “Each member has the duty to appoint an Official Delegate and to inform the General Secretary of this, for all ICCF business and especially for representation at the Congress”. As such, the General Secretary requires notification of participation in Congress.  Participation in the Congress includes the following:

  • submitting proposals
  • commenting on proposals
  • engaging in debate about proposals online or at Congress, and
  • voting on proposals at Congress.

Notice of representation to participate in Congress must be made before the deadline (July 1, 2022) by the delegate and failure to do so will be considered in violation of the Article 1.7 of the ICCF Voting Regulations and; therefore, considered as no notification provided and no provisions of participation will be afforded this delegate.

Officials Reports DueAugust 4, 2022All EB/MC Reports due to the General Secretary for distribution.
Proxy Nominations DueAugust 9, 2022Member Federations wishing to assign a Congress proxy must send their written declaration to the ICCF General Secretary.  No new proxy nominations or change in proxy nominations will be accepted after this deadline.
Voting Member and Proxy DistributionsAugust 17, 2020The list of Congress voting members and proxies will be distributed by the ICCF General Secretary.
EB/MC MeetingsAugust 14, 2022EB/MC Meeting starts the day before Congress.
Congress StartsAugust 15, 2022Full Congress starts on August 15, 2022
Congress EndsAugust 18, 2022Congress Ends.


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